Undecided about applying at Kehler-Liddell

Well, I'm torn. The Kehler-Liddell Gallery where I just had my exhibit is looking to expand their membership. I inquired about it and was sent the information I needed. The cost is pretty steep, but they do a lot for the money. 

Every member gets a show roughly every 18 months. When you do have a show, other than bringing in your art, you don't need to arrange anything. The gallery hangs the show, does the publicity for it, prints out advertising materials, and arranges the opening reception which includes refreshments.  Plus they are a wonderful group of people.

The two pieces I had in this past show didn't sell and the new website here took a lot of discretionary funds to get off the ground. I never really considered approaching a fine art gallery for representation because the majority of what I do is illustration. So much of the art used in the industry today is done on computers. I have digital borders and, with the exception of the fossils and butterfly pieces, my art is done by hand.


We'll see. I have plenty of other things to occupy my thoughts right now.